NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology is a combination of Graphics Processor Units (GPU), specialized 3D glasses, software, and certified displays and projectors that deliver an immersive 3D experience on your PC or workstation.

3D Vision Platforms

Just like movies and televisions, PCs are evolving from 2D to 3D. Today’s PC manufactures, game developers and consumers rely on NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ to deliver the best 3D PC experience available.
A 3D Vision PC can fundamentally change the way you interact with your PC. Imagine playing over 400 existing PC games, watching Blu-ray 3D movies, taking your own photographs, or catching the latest sporting event streaming online, all in HD stereoscopic 3D. Now you can with a 3D Vision PC.
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Powered by:NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs
Used for:Games
Blu-Ray 3D
Online Videos
Built for:Desktop
All-in-one PCs
3D TVs


Immerse yourself in a true 3D, collaborative
visualization experience, and see detail that was never possible before.

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Pro and NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics solutions deliver the highest quality and most advanced stereoscopic 3D environment, enabling designers, engineers, digital artists and scientists to see and share their work in true 3D.
3D Vision Pro glasses and Quadro graphics provide an easy to use, robust solution for driving 3D visualizations on a range of display options, from a single desktop panel to massive, multi-projector power wall or CAVE.
This unique 3D solution combines 3D Vision Pro active shutter glasses and a robust radio-based control hub with 120Hz panels and projectors. Professionals can design, create and explore in stereoscopic 3D enabling collaborative workflows that dramatically speed up time to insight.
What You Need

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Reliable Multi-Display 3D Ready Solution
> Tested for compatibility with 3D Vision Ready LCD panels and projectors
> Compatible with NVIDIA® Quadro® Plex Scalable Visualization Solutions and Quadro® Digital Video Pipelinei
for flexible display options
> Extensive product development and qualification ensures reliable system performance
3D Vision Pro for Pro Apps
A range of applications take advantage of 3D Vision Pro and Quadro professionals graphics. Click here for a list of applications.
NVIDIA 3D Vision for Quadro – Windows
VIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics boards support many stereo display solutions and Quad Buffered OpenGL applications, including NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses and displays. Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision on Quadro graphics boards is available on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux both 32 and 64 bit versions.
Supported QUADRO Boards
Professional, flicker free, stereo through the
on board stereo connector
Quadro FX 5800
Quadro FX 4800
Quadro FX 3800 – with stereo connector
Quadro FX 5600
Quadro FX 4700 X2
Quadro FX 4600
Quadro FX 3700
Quadro CX
Stereo controlled through USB, occasional
flickering of the glasses may occur
Quadro FX 1800*
Quadro FX 580*
Quadro FX 380
Quadro FX 380 LP
Quadro FX 1700
Quadro FX 570
Quadro FX 370 Quadro FX 3800M
Quadro FX 3700M
Quadro FX 2800M
Quadro FX 2700M
Quadro FX 1800M
Quadro FX 1700M
Quadro FX 880M
Quadro FX 770M
Quadro FX 380M
Quadro FX 370M